Ramnagar is an assembly constituency in Purba Medinipur district in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is 9 km from the popular sea resort Digha and 180 Km from Kolkata [ capital of West Bengal ]. Ramnagar is well connected to Kolkata by train and road.


Unnayan is a Bengali word meaning Development [ http://translate.google.com/#en|bn|development ]


Sangstha is a Bengali word meaning Organization [ http://translate.google.com/#en|bn|organization ]

Ramnagar Unnayan Sangstha was formed on 4 November 1994. At the inception, the main objective of RUS was to form Self Help Groups [ SHG ] for women. SHG functions on the principles of women empowerment through Micro Finance. The idea was to explore and generate opportunities for self-employment among the women, through these SHG. Seventeen years later, RUS is proud to have generated various income schemes for 400 women, spread over sixty SHG [ about 7 women in one group ].

Forming self help groups and funding them do not ensure the success of a venture. Many members of these SHG do not have any professional skills. To bridge this gap, RUS conducts various training programmes for women. These include :: Batik Printing on sarees, Block Printing, Glass Painting, Tailoring, Embroidery, Computer education through Rural Knowledge Centre and introduction of social security through Life Insurance Corporation of India.

Information Technology has seen some very rapid growths in India. But unfortunately the benefits of IT has stayed confined in the cities. Internet is still almost unheard of in the villages. Even the computer education that is imparted in the rural schools is very “academic” in nature. RUS realizes the immense potential of IT and believes that knowledge is power. In an effort to bring IT to the mass, RUS in collaboration with WinCliff Technologies has started a Rural Knowledge Centre, ANNESH [ A Bengali word meaning “thrust for knowledge” ]. The purpose of this course is to enable the school kids to use the computer in a productive way. The computer must be an aid to their basic education and not be something intimidating! RUS intends to organize other projects that will take this awareness program to all age groups. RUS also intends to install Internet enabled PC [ kiosk ] at different Gram Panchayats under Ramnagar Block-I and Block-II locations where people will be able to browse the Internet and find the relevant information themselves.

Cervical Cancer has reached alarming proportions in India, along with other developing nations. It is predicted to be the next epidemic if not prevented at a war footing. In a country of a billion people, where the majority lives in villages, it is the responsibility of every conscious individual to do her bit in the fight against Cervical Cancer. Relying only on government action will be disastrous. RUS and ethniK yarn have so far conducted seven medical camps in the villages, for early detection and treatment of Cervical Cancer, in collaboration with Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute.

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